SMS Marketing To Be Among the Top Mobile Marketing Trends In 2012

The general availability of SMS — those 160-character messages exchanged on mobile phones — on everything from the most basic handsets to the most feature-rich smartphones makes text messaging the lowest common denominator for information dissemination and for sending out mobile coupons and other incentives driving consumers to bricks-and-mortar retail stores.

Moreover, consumers do not need smartphones or expensive data plans to sign up for alerts or receive an offer. Under-served segments of the population, especially in terms of Internet access and other information-delivery mechanisms, can also be reached using SMS.

Put simply, the key benefit of SMS to retailers is the ubiquity of SMS — which nearly 100 percent of mobile phones can support — and the high likelihood of text messages being read soon after receipt.As mobile phones overtake landline service in many homes, permission-based mobile communications becomes even more critical for retailers

Benefits of SMS Mobile Marketing:

  • Immediacy: Mobile campaigns are easy to create and execute, with messages being delivered to recipients in seconds. This is a great channel for pushing last minute specials to your local markets.
  • Reach: Delivery of SMS messages to mobile phones expands your marketing message beyond your email list.
  • Mobility: Customers will receive the messages on their mobile device anytime and anywhere.
  • Multi-channel Form of Marketing: The mobile channel is highly complementary to email marketing, social media marketing, and more.
  • Viral Communication: The mobile technology encourages viral marketing with the built-in tools for forwarding messages to existing social networks.

Get a benefits of SMS Mobile Marketing